The University of Debrecen honored its teachers


The University of Debrecen organized its traditional Teacher’s Day celebration this year as well. At Wednesday’s event held in the Hall of the Main Building, the university management handed out awards and an assignment as the head of the institution writes

The University of Debrecen is a higher education institution with a long tradition of teacher training, and through its training schools, it also plays a significant role in the public education of the city and the county.

Only the holiday that has some value for society survives. That is why it carries an important message that every year for seven decades there is a day when we pay tribute to the teaching community, the teaching profession since this is the community whose work, the education and teaching of the next generation is irreplaceable and decisive for the future of the country and the nation

– said Elek Bartha in his festive greeting.

The vice chancellor of education of the UD highlighted that the university takes part in this work, on the one hand, as an institution maintainer, as a partner of schools and kindergartens, and as an educator of the next generation of teachers.

This year, 131 people take the final exam in the undivided teaching program, and 44 people graduate in short-cycle teacher training. More than a thousand students are currently studying at the University of Debrecen in various teacher training courses – undivided, short-cycle, professional teacher training.

The basis of the teaching program is the expansion of disciplinary knowledge, the theoretical preparation of students, and the acquisition of the practical competencies of the teaching profession. This year, we have strengthened this last pillar, so that the students receive practice-oriented training where they can learn the latest teaching methods and professional methodology, get to know teachers’ habits and, last but not least, meet primary and secondary school students already in the first years of the university, thus gaining real knowledge and experience future teachers

– said Péter Forisek in his celebratory speech.

In this work, we continue to count on the support of training schools and partner schools and on even closer cooperation, as it is in the interest of all of us that well-trained teachers who are respected in their profession graduate from the university

– emphasized the director general of the UD Teacher Training Center.

The Klebelsberg Kunó Award, the University of Debrecen Award for Teacher Education, and the Béla Jausz Award were presented at the event.

In 2017, the management of the University of Debrecen decided to pay tribute to the work of Kunó Klebelsberg by erecting a statue in the square in front of the university. The work depicting the former Minister of Religion and Public Education was inaugurated on May 15, 2018. On this occasion, the University Senate decided to establish the Klebelsberg Kunó Prize. The recognition can be awarded once a year to the teacher or instructor from among the teachers of the training schools maintained by the University of Debrecen, who has achieved high-quality, exemplary results in the field of education and training, talent management and preparation for further education.

This year’s laureate is Erika Kalocsainé Abuczki, a teacher at UD Balásházy János Gyakorló Technical School, Gymnasium and College.

Mihály Duffek, professor emeritus of the UD Faculty of Music, received the Teacher Education Award of the University of Debrecen for his outstanding activities over several years for the university’s teacher training.

The Béla Jausz Award was received by Éva Farkasné Pécsi, Tibor Háda and Andrea Sára Kovács, the head teacher of the Lajos Kossuth Vocational High School and Primary School of the University of Debrecen, Judit Koós, the mentor teacher of the Ady Endre High School in Debrecen, as well as Judit Sinayné Tar and Adrienn Soltész, DE Balásházy Headteacher of János Gyakorló Technical School, High School and College.

Vivien VI of Ecsedi received the Certificate of Recognition from the Board of the Student Government of the University of Debrecen. year, Hungarian teacher-ethics teacher and István Borbély V. year, English teacher-history teacher major.

At the ceremony, Edit Nagyné Biró, who was entrusted by the rector of the university with the duties of the director of the János János Technical College, Gymnasium and College of UD Balásházy from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2028, was able to take over her leadership appointment.

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