The Festive Book Week has opened in Debrecen


This year, the program series of Festive Book Week will be held for the 94th time in June. The Festive Book Week in Debrecen – the largest book week event in the countryside – takes place from June 7 to 11 in the pedestrian zone on Csapó Street, where bookstores, book publishers and booksellers await readers at around 20 stands.

The official program of the Debrecen Book Week was opened by the guest of honor of the event, poet Anna Terék, on Thursday, June 8. In addition to the discounted book purchase, book signings, interactive community programs, children’s programs, and book presentations await those interested.

The original objective of Festive Book Week was to promote living, contemporary authors, and this has not changed even after nine decades. We also want to give readers the opportunity to meet their favorite authors in person, as this is important for creators and receivers.

In addition to the introductions of the authors, during round table discussions, lectures, and unusual literature classes, we can listen to lecturers who deal with books “officially”. This year, book lovers are waiting for an international stand richer than ever before, a rich selection of children’s books and, of course, plenty of reading material.

You can find out about the programs here.

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