A workshop was held for the specialists at the University of Debrecen about the AI


Specialists from several organizational units of UD were able to learn about the possibilities of using artificial intelligence and its emerging role in scientific work, education, and professional work at the MI a reality workshop series organized by the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen.

Every time, the workshop raises questions such as what feelings, expectations, or fears university citizens have about artificial intelligence, how open they are to the field, how and how often it is used, how AI and related innovations can be incorporated into the professional to work. The event creates a dialogue between those interested in artificial intelligence and also supports a more sustainable and evolving future of science, faculties and various fields of expertise.

Artificial intelligence is present in everyday life, in every segment of life. At the workshop, we will examine how it appears in university education and what experiences professionals have with technology. We are interested in the opinions, experiences, and awareness of the students and instructors, as they together paint a complete picture of the subject area. The participants can get to know AI in a new way, they can outline the university of the future through group task solutions, we will explore the latest institutional challenges and current events in technology

– said Karácsony Gyöngyi, director of the University Library of the University of Debrecen.

Based on what was said at the workshop, most people encounter artificial intelligence when using Chat GPT to facilitate everyday tasks, and at the university level, the development of technology can be achieved through cooperation, mutual support and joint work. According to the experience of the event, everyone has already heard about the technology of the future, but the majority is less familiar with its broad practical applicability, but they all see the support potential inherent in it.

The event organized by the library was attended, among others, by specialists in natural sciences, humanities, economics, students, and DEENK staff.


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