A specialist from the Faculty of Informatics received a prestigious award


The Eötvös Loránd Fizikai Társulat awarded Balázs Ujvári, assistant professor of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen, a Jánossy prize for hardware development in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). In addition, the specialist was also able to receive the recognition of a teacher who supports creative talents in the past few days, writes unideb.hu.

Balázs Ujvári developed the hardware necessary to operate detectors measuring the transit time of passing particles (Barrel Timing Layer) in the system of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

The specialist of the Faculty of Informatics also received the recognition of a teacher who supports creative talents in the past few days, after both teams of the 32nd National Science and Innovation Olympiad were among the top twenty. At the competition, only two instructors managed to reach the top 20 with several teams.

157 teams from almost a hundred schools sent entries to the competition, and 86 made it to the second round. Among them, Balázs Ujvári and Berta Elek-Korcsmáros, another colleague of the Faculty of Informatics, participated in the preparation of eight teams from Debrecen. The two of them take care of more than ten percent of the country’s secondary school innovation projects. At the 32nd National Science and Innovation Olympiad, special awards were given to those schools, twelve nationally, that sent at least three teams to the second round, three of which came from the profession of the awardee’s talent management.

Regarding the recognitions, Balázs Ujvári emphasized that the two awards are linked, as the talents he supports can later be involved in the scientific work carried out at CERN.

There are several CERN groups working in the area where I and my team carry out hardware developments, but we are the only professional company that can achieve the results that meet the needs. The engineering and natural science courses are close to each other and reinforce each other, thanks to which we can participate in the work of CERN. This award can be attributed to the results that have been achieved based on the developments made in the last six years, but of course it is about teamwork, the recognition of the competent work of roughly 8-10 professionals. The other award is a confirmation for me in connection with the scientific refresher training, I would like to give future specialists the opportunity to gain a wider range of experience. Through the program and the related competition, I can meet talented young people, the best of whom will be able to join my CERN team as future engineers and computer scientists

– Balázs Ujvári told.

The Faculty of Informatics specialist sees it as both recognitions are indicative of the future and motivating for his future professional work.

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