37 employees of the Clinical Center in Debrecen received Presidential Certificates of Recognition and Awards


The excellent performance of the staff of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center was awarded at the institution’s Semmelweis Day ceremony on Thursday. July 1st is the anniversary of the birth of the savior of mothers and babies, Ignác Semmelweis, and is also the day of Hungarian healthcare.
Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, spoke appreciatively of the staff of the institution during the pandemic period, that they were willing to serve the patients despite extreme psychological and physical strain in trying situations. Zoltán Szabó added that the Clinical Center met the requirement of constant renewal based on respect for traditions even during a period full of difficulties. Thanks to the integration that took place on January 1, 2021, it became one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

This structural change represents a truly defining result, as well as a significant challenge and opportunity for us. An opportunity for the large-scale, dynamic development of recent years to continue, and for the continuous improvement of the standard of patient care to continue to be implemented vigorously. In line with this approach, new organizational units were also created

– said the professor.

As an example, he mentioned the founding of the Gastroenterology Clinic and the Rheumatology Clinic, as well as the Center for Clinical Psychology, and the fact that by upgrading the former Department of Internal Medicine operating on the Kenézy Campus to clinical status, one of the largest Internal Medicine Clinics in Hungary, with more than 500 beds, was created. He called the specialization of the field of internal medicine, and the establishment of profession-specific departments, a milestone, and highlighted the establishment of the Epidemiological Coordination Center and the post-COVID specialist ambulance network.

The president of the Clinical Center explained that a lot of emphasis was placed on infrastructural developments in the past period. For example, the buildings involved in the epidemiological care of the two campuses, such as the Infectious Diseases Clinic, were modernized, and the new building of the Oncoradiology Clinic was handed over, with which centralized oncology and oncoradiology care were realized.

However, the instruments and the beautiful environment are worthless without the helping hands of trained professionals. Today, I acknowledge the performance of the employees of the Clinical Center, who perform their tasks with a high degree of competence and outstanding diligence, and with their perseverance, professional and human attitude, contribute deservedly to the improvement of the good reputation of the University of Debrecen and the Clinical Center

– said Zoltán Szabó.

This year, 37 employees of the Clinical Center received the Presidential Certificate of Recognition and Award for their excellent work.

The list of awardees is available here.



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