Digilean Road Show at the Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen hosted the professional event of the DigiLean Competence Hub on Tuesday. At the Digilean Road Show, more than half a hundred professionals were briefed on the use of state-of-the-art lean technology in a workshop.

The goal of the organization, founded in the spring of 2020, is to share its knowledge and experience with market participants, maintain open professional communication, to help Hungarian companies with reliable services, the introduction of modern industrial solutions, advice, and training.

The companies belonging to the organization of the DigiLean Competence Hub support the production companies of the Hungarian industry with decades of experience and the most modern solutions in order to operate efficiently, from the idea of a product to implementation to rationalization,

– said László Tömpe, the company’s initiator.

As a Faculty of Engineering at a university, our mission is to support the professional development of small and medium-sized companies, as these companies are the suppliers of large companies operating in the region, which also require well-trained professionals,

– Géza Husi emphasized in his greeting.

The dean of the Faculty of Engineering explained that the faculty must not only teach today’s technical knowledge but also prepare future engineers to be able to create devices and technologies that serve the needs of the future.

Participants in the roadshow were the first to learn about the work of the Faculty’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. In his presentation, Tamás Mankovits, the head of the department, highlighted the constantly growing number and equipment of laboratories that support training, thanks to which – as well as extensive industrial contacts – students can gain appropriate practical experience during their student years.

“The same corporate partners also create an innovative environment and offer a secure career for recent graduates of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen,”

– the head of the department informed.

Within the framework of the event, all participants were able to gain insight into the world of each lean and digitization maturity level through three thematic workshops – Digitization Tools and Solutions in Practice, Process Control, and Data Processing, Corporate Lean and Digitization Strategy Issues.



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