The celebration of mobility begins at the University of Debrecen


For three days, Erasmus + applications, mobility and study opportunities abroad will be promoted at the #erasmusdays events of the University of Debrecen. For the first time on October 12, Erasmus + Breakfast awaits students on the University Square and Böszörményi út campuses.

The joint programs of the International Bureau and the DEHÖK Foreign Affairs Committee promoting mobility are organically connected to the European Union series of events, but – in line with the schedule of UD students – they start a few days earlier, on October 12 at the University of Debrecen. Interested students can also learn the details of the new program cycle, which starts now and will last until 2027, through Erasmus + Breakfast, Mobility Café, Foreign Exchange and Erasmus Day. In the 2021-2022 academic year, 250-300 students of the institution will be supported by the Erasmus + program, which has been operating in Hungary for twenty years, and the University of Debrecen is connected to international events for the fifth time.

– The new Erasmus program cycle would have already started in the 2020/21 school year, but due to the epidemic situation, it will only start now, a year late. Students can still apply for a minimum of two months of internships and three months of part-time training under the program, but there are also so-called mixed-type mobilities on offer. Inclusion and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important in the program, the former aims to give as many people as possible access to applications, and the latter aims to serve sustainability and paperlessness. Under the “green Erasmus” program, it supports environmentally friendly modes of transport, such as rail or cycling, a student from Germany has already arrived at MÉK, who has traveled hundreds of kilometers by bike. Under “blended mobility”, students travel to foreign locations for a short, typically 1-2 weeks of intensive training, and then continue their studies online from home. Orsolya Jánosy, the head of the International Office of the University of Debrecen, also has the opportunity for a few weeks of study trips for doctoral students.

For the first time in the series, Erasmus + Breakfast will be waiting for students on October 12 on the University Square and Böszörményi út campuses. Members of the Erasmus Student Network, students who have previously participated in the program, share their personal experiences and knowledge with interested students about opportunities abroad. At the event, students can talk in an informal way at the stands set up on campuses without registration.

In the sequel, on October 13, Mobility Café will also provide advice and information on calls for proposals for young people interested in studying abroad, as well as hearing about how much the world can travel during an epidemic.

The central program element of #erasmusdays will be the Foreign Exchange and Erasmus Day on October 14 in the Main Building of the University of Debrecen and in the International Office (Villa Sesztina). Various scholarship committees, language travel companies, companies organizing summer camps and offering internships, and language schools will appear here, and their representatives will also inform the participants about the funding opportunities.

The International Bureau is organizing an online trainer briefing from 1 pm entitled “Application Opportunities and Good Practices in Erasmus +” to introduce trainers to the potential of the new Erasmus program and to present some of the Strategic Partnerships and Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses that have been successfully implemented in previous calls. For students, Camp America will also hold a briefing at Villa Sesztina on Thursday from 3 p.m.

Events can only be attended indoors with a security certificate. More information about # erasmusdays can be found here.

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