Naturalists received a certificate of honor at the University of Debrecen


Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Debrecen students who graduated 50, 60 and 65 years ago were greeted on Sunday. At the ceremony, the TTK Department Award was presented to the faculty and researchers who have performed outstanding work at the faculty for decades, writes

The head of the faculty recalled that those who receive their 65th anniversary diplomas at the event began their studies in the 3rd year of the TTK, founded in 1949, in 1951, and by 1956 they had already graduated from Lajos Kossuth University.

Ferenc Kun highlighted that in those decades the pillar of the TTK training program was the faculties, for decades the faculty provided hundreds of excellent science teachers to the country, which has now become a regional center for research, development and innovation and committed to quality professional training.

Ákos Pintér, Deputy Rector General and Dean Ferenc Kun, presented the letters of commendation to the students who graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology 50, 60, 65 years ago.

The Faculty of Science and Technology received the Iron Department Award:
József Kónya is a retired university professor.

The Faculty of Science and Technology received the Diamond Department Award from:
Jenő Borda retired associate professor,
Róbert Király retired associate professor,
Piroska Lakatos retired associate professor,
Professor Emeritus Gyula Maksa,
Katalin Martonné Erdős retired associate professor,
Sándor Sudár is a retired associate professor.

The Gold Department Award of the Faculty of Science and Technology is awarded to:
Judit Darai, associate professor,
István Fábián, professor,
Zsolt Páles, professor,
István Szabó associate professor.


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