A youth experience concert was made available online by musicians from Debrecen


A youth experience concert was uploaded to the Youtube channel of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen with the aim of showing the musical values ​​to children in an experiential way, thus bringing the youth closer to classical music, the university announced on its website on Wednesday.

In a letter also sent to MTI, they are reminded that this year the faculty would have announced the twentieth season of the Voice-Play-Music Youth Experience Concerts, but the anniversary was missed due to the pandemic. They wanted to show Fearless last year, but it wasn’t possible because of the pandemic, so they rather recorded a production based on the Grimm Brothers ’Tale of Fear Finder and uploaded it to Youtube.

“We started the preparations three times, which were twice thwarted by the closing due to the epidemic, until we finally managed to record the show at the end of February this year. We want you to get to as many primary schools as possible, and his lyrics were also written by Gyula Bánkövi “

– quoted hirek.unideb.hu Judit Váradi, associate professor of the faculty of music, who this time plays the role of narrator in Félatlan, while the dean of the faculty, Péter Lakatos, plays the piano.

According to Judit Váradi, the video sharer can be a useful tool for the faculty in spreading classical music values ​​thanks to the continuous uploads.

“Nowadays, there are no such performances, moreover, the atmosphere is unique due to the presence of clarinet, trombone, violin, piano and special percussion instruments. The musical material fits well with the lyrics due to the instrumental diversity, exciting effects accompany the process of the tale”

– said the specialist.



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