Sensational Hungarian chess success: the world women’s chess team won by a landslide


The world women’s chess team, with Zsóka Gaál in its ranks, defeated the best of Kazakhstan 73-55 in the series of matches that ended on Wednesday, writes

The 15-year-old Hungarian player wrote on her social media page that it is difficult to express in words the three days she was able to spend in Astana, Kazakhstan, with the female elite of the chess world.

“I feel that the time spent here was extremely useful both professionally and in terms of gaining a routine. On the first two days, in the rapid parties, the game went really well, I enjoyed the parties. By the third day, the lightning parties, I was a bit tired, but luckily my teammates excelled, so the world team won 73-55 overall,”

– wrote Gaál.

The eight-person world team included three international grandmasters: in addition to the Chinese world number one Hou Ji-fan, Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia, ranked ninth, and Dronavalli Harika, ranked 11th from India, also sat at the table.

The Olympian and youth world champion Zsóka Gaál is one of the most talented female chess players, who ranks 17th in the women’s junior ranking with 2310 Life Points.


Photo: Facebook/Zsóka Gaál

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