Janeiro: they did not interfere with my work at DVSC


It is not yet known who will take the place of Joao Janeiro, who left Loki on August 31, on the team’s bench in the long term. Tibor Dombi does his job honorably as a substitute, but the fans are impatiently waiting to see who will be the next master with the right papers.

Joao Janeiro recently gave an interview to M4 Sport, so now we also know that he himself resigned from Debrecen. He said he submitted his resignation after the 4-2 defeat against ZTE.

The management thought for a day whether to accept it, which finally happened. The fact that they communicate a mutual agreement, in this case, is completely normal since when a coach wants to go, some kind of final agreement must be reached. My arguments were considered and accepted at the club

– said the Portuguese trainer.

In response to a question, Janeiro stated that the management did not interfere in his work at all. Still, according to him, “it must be accepted everywhere that one must listen to the opinion of the managers. Be it the director, president or owner”.

However, I was never obliged to do anything. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far. People quickly get to know me and find out what I am like. For example, I work a lot and support young people

– said Joao Janeiro.

It is memorable that the former DVSC head coach spoke after the 1-1 draw against the Puskás Academy about the fact that he is only responsible for two new certificates. He clarified this issue somewhat in the interview, “I no longer had a say in all aspects of the incoming and outgoing players, but this does not mean that they had a say in my work”.

As for the squad, it’s true that I didn’t have the opportunity to get the players I wanted, and they were also freely transferable. They cost nothing and are Hungarian, but I didn’t get them. As for the others, it’s worth clarifying something. Have you ever heard me say they are bad players? I never said that. I got the two you mentioned, but I didn’t say anything bad about the others, in fact, I already knew many of them. During the six rounds, I was the only coach in the league who used all his players. All members of the squad played in the match, including all three goalkeepers. They got their chance

– said Janeiro, who really likes Hungarian football and would like to continue working in our country.



Photo: DVSC

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