Hockey: DEAC head coach leaves


David Musial, the head coach of the DEAC hockey league Erste Liga, will resign by mutual agreement.

The club in Debrecen announced on Tuesday that the contract of the Czech-German coach had been terminated.

Musial signed to DEAC in May 2018, which was still a rookie in the league at the time, playing a significant role in creating and building the adult team. Under his direction, the band performed in the upper house of the Erste League in all three seasons. In the 2018/19 season, the guard marched to the semi-finals, reaching the quarter-finals for a year, and then had a two-match advantage over Brasso last year in the duel for the final, but in the end, the Transylvanian team made it to the finals. DEAC still won the Hungarian silver medal and won the Hungarian Cup, both results being the biggest success of the sport’s history in Debrecen.

This season, as the club said in a statement, did not turn out as expected, as the team was only able to win 5 games in the last 16 matches, so the parties decided to switch. Everything was agreed with the head coach, so the contract was terminated by mutual agreement. It is announced on Wednesday under whose control the adult frame will continue the season.

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