The Slovakian man who attacked the police while drunk is under arrest


The Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office interrogated the foreign man in custody as a suspect for the crime of violence against an official and the misdemeanor of light bodily harm and then proposed ordering his arrest, which the court agreed with.

According to the well-founded suspicion, on November 26, 2022, around 2:00 a.m., a young Slovak who came to our country for a wellness weekend with his friends behaved aggressively in the center of Miskolc while intoxicated, which is why the police took action against him.

The 25-year-old man unexpectedly, with a sudden movement, punched one policeman in the face with medium force, and after the other policeman took his arm, the perpetrator pulled it out of his grip and punched the other policeman as well. After that, the policemen took the man to the ground, which he resisted and, lying on his back, he kicked the police sergeant in the head with his feet, and then hit his ribs approximately 7-8 times.

The police filed a private complaint against the perpetrator due to their minor injuries, which healed within 8 days.

The regional investigative prosecutor’s office arranged for the man to be brought before the prosecutor’s office, ordered his detention, and interrogated him as a suspect, during which he confessed.

Considering that the perpetrator is not connected to Hungary in any way, the punishment for the crimes charged against him is imprisonment ranging from one year to seven years and six months in accordance with the cumulative rules. ordering a coercive measure concerning.

In view of all this, the investigative prosecutor’s office proposed the arrest of the suspect, which was ordered today by the investigating judge of the District Court in Debrecen. The order was noted by all concerned.


Debrecen Court

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