Charges were brought against the man from Debrecen who ordered drugs from the Internet


The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen has charged the man who ordered drugs online from abroad with the crime of attempted drug possession.

According to the indictment, the perpetrator ordered a narcotic substance from his home in Debrecen, in his own name and address, from an internet site in the Netherlands before July 26, 2021.

The substance was submitted in a simple letter, but during the airport inspection of the National Tax and Customs Administration, the suspicious substance was found in the letter, which was examined and found to be classified as a drug.

On another occasion, before September 29, 2021, the man again ordered a narcotic substance online to his residence in Debrecen from the United Kingdom. Once again, the package was submitted as a simple letter, but during the airport inspection, it was determined that the package contained a substance classified as a narcotic.

During the investigation carried out by the Debrecen Police Department, the contents of all shipments were seized.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen brought charges against the defendant, who confessed to the crime, for the crime of attempted possession of drugs by importing them into the territory of the country at the District Court in Debrecen. In its indictment, the district prosecutor’s office proposed that the district court issue a criminal sentence based on the case files, imposing a suspended prison sentence on the man and confiscating the seized drugs.

The photo was taken during the inspection of the shipment sent from the Netherlands.

The man from Debrecen ordered cannabis online, and the package arrived by post


Debrecen Court

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