14- and 18-year-old boys robbed people on the tram in Debrecen: they will be held accountable for their actions


On the afternoon of January 23, 2022, in the center of Debrecen, two unknown young people demanded money from two 17-year-old boys. The boys did not give money, they tried to avoid harassment, so they boarded the tram. However, the two young people did not give up, they continued to follow them while constantly threatening them. Eventually, the two boys handed over 16,000 forints, then got off the tram at the next stop and asked for help from a nearby public area inspector, who immediately notified the police.

Immediately after the report, local investigators and patrols began searching for the perpetrators. Based on the data obtained and the personal descriptions received, one of the young people was arrested three hours later in Petőfi Square and the other shortly afterward at the bus station.

The 18-year-old resident of Derecske and the 14-year-old resident of Hajdúdorog were caught by the police, interrogated as suspects, then detained, and a motion was made to arrest them. Their arrest was ordered by the Debrecen District Court on the recommendation of the prosecutor’s office.

The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters conducted proceedings against them on suspicion of robbery and harassment. The authority carried out the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the prosecutor’s office with a proposal to prosecute.



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