Man Shot at the Door of Gordon Bajnai’s Former Minister


Police arrested the man who fired several shots on the door of former Justice and Law Enforcement Minister Imre Forgács on Wednesday (1st December).


Népszava writes the police said no political motivation arose in the case.

Imre Forgács told the newspaper that on Wednesday morning (1st December) at six in the morning they woke up to the alarm in one of their neighbors’ apartments in the downtown condominium where they live. His wife called the neighbor, it turned out that nothing was wrong, but neither he nor later the joint representative could get the drunk man to turn off the alarm. Moreover, the man then appeared in front of the door of Forgács’s apartment, and, with obscene words, screaming, wanted to open a door. Not doing so, the man fired more shots at the door with a pistol and then went back to his apartment. Forgács alerted the police, and twenty minutes later the police captured the man in his apartment. It turned out on the spot, he did not use a sharp weapon, but a rubber bullet gun whose bullet could not penetrate the front door.

It was Imre Forgács, who held the position of Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement in the Bajnai Government between December 2009 and May 2010, who also had to deal with the tightening of firearms held by private individuals. That is when several such serious crimes took place, committed by persons registered as sport shooters with firearms held for sporting purposes.


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