A serial burglar was caught in Hosszúpályi


Within a few days, the police received several reports of burglaries in September 2021 in Hosszúpályi. The crimes were eerily similar. Both victims and eyewitnesses reported a man, and the method also outlined the profile of an offender. In general, he made no attempt to enter the selected ports quietly, unnoticed. There was a property where he simply lifted the loophole and tore the fence strips elsewhere. The residents there or their neighbors woke up to these sounds one by one, so the unknown man was forced to flee the scene empty-handed. He tried to get into a house with a total of eight gardens using his unusual method, but only in three cases was he successful. One of his victims was an elderly retiree who was asleep while the man stole his cell phone and wallet. He was mostly looking for jewelry and cash, but he carried anything he could later sell.

Based on the information obtained, the police quickly identified the perpetrator, who was brought to the police station on September 28, 2021, and then interrogated as a suspect. The 42-year-old man made a detailed confession.

The Hosszúpályi Police Station has committed criminal proceedings against him for two-way theft, one-way robbery, and a well-founded suspicion of committing a five-way theft offense. The investigators carried out the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.



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