There were so many explosions in Ukraine that Hungarian instruments detected them as earthquakes

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The series of explosions that took place in Ukraine on May 13th caused a perceptible earthquake. The instruments also signaled on Piszkés roof, writes

The war in Ukraine produced explosions rivaling the power of smaller (M3.2-3.3) earthquakes – reports ELKH FI Kövesligethy Radó Seismological Observatory.

They announced on their social media page that “the explosions were also registered by measuring stations in Hungary and by our infrasound stations (PSZI) operating on Piszkés-tetö, which is about 540 km from the Khmelnytskyi area”.

What is particularly interesting is that at least 7 large explosions have been identified.

So far, what exactly happened is disputed. On social media, pro-Ukraine sites communicate the fuel warehouse or fertilizer factory version, while the Russians mention a NATO weapons warehouse and even talk about radiation due to the special projectiles.

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