Viktor Orbán: we have never been so close to a local war becoming a world war


The world has never been so close to a local war turning into a world war – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday to Radio Kossuth Good morning, Hungary! in his program about the war in Ukraine.

The head of government stated that the leaders of the Western world are burning with war fever, they are giving speeches encouraging to win it, about more victims and sending more and more dangerous weapons to Ukraine.

He also pointed out that instead of being unanimous in favor of peace, international public opinion has become divided, as the Turks, Arabs, Chinese and Africans are calling for a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

It is important for Hungary to be militarily strong and pro-peace at the same time

In general, those countries are able to defend themselves, where the citizens of the country love their country, and their first thought is not how to escape, but how to protect their country from harm, said the prime minister.

He emphasized that the ability must be developed so that everyone knows what to do if there is a problem and the people who, if necessary, defend the country with armed forces are needed.

He added that it is important for the armed forces to be able to strike, therefore the number of personnel, their commitment to their country and their profession, their level of education, and their esteem must be increased and they must be equipped with modern weapons.

While we are on the side of peace, at the same time, Hungary must not be defenseless – stated the Prime Minister.

Viktor Orbán mentioned that “the left is pro-war” and “as long as they are financed from abroad”, this is expected of them, but due to the parliamentary proportions, “the weight and influence of the peace party on the life of Hungary is much greater”.

We do not allow gender matters

The prime minister sees an unbridgeable gap in the so-called gender issue between Brussels and Hungary. At the same time, he stated: “since we won’t give in, Brussels will eventually have to”.

The parents rightly expect the current government to help protect the children, so that raising children remains the responsibility of the parents and that they cannot promote a way of life that the parents did not agree to in school, he said.

Gender identity is also a part of the latter because according to the Hungarian perception, propaganda that unsettles it has no place in schools, yet Brussels wants to bring them back. However, its offshoot will be the relaxation of standards protecting children, after which we will suddenly notice that the number of pedophile crimes in Hungary is increasing, said the Prime Minister.

The fastest way to reduce inflation would be to remove sanctions

The fastest way to reduce inflation would be to cancel the sanctions imposed due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Although Hungary cannot end the sanctions policy, it vetoes those sanctions decisions that would cause the most direct damage to the Hungarian economy.

Viktor Orbán said: he is sure that if the sanctions were lifted tomorrow morning, inflation would immediately, in one step, be reduced by at least half, and it would start to return to the 2-3 percent range.

He said that ten sanctions packages are already behind us, which means “ten bloody battles” in a political sense when we had to stand up for Hungarian interests, and under the leadership of the foreign minister, we “successfully fought” these battles.

He confirmed that the government has taken the twenty measures, which will result in the rate of inflation going below ten percent and in the single digits by the end of the year, on December 31.

He added that these decisions – with which the government wants to protect families, pensioners, and small and medium-sized enterprises – are widely accepted and there is also agreement that they will achieve results. The question is at what pace, but definitely by the end of the year, Viktor Orbán said.



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