Explosion in Kisköre: This Might Be the Cause of the Accident


An explosion occurred during the planned annual maintenance of one of the turbines at the Kisköre site of Tiszavíz Vízerőmű Kft. on Monday (20th September), MVM told MTI on today.


It was highlighted that the events did not affect the operation of the other three turbines.

As a result of the explosion, four were taken to hospital with serious injuries and four with minor injuries. RTL Club television channel reported that the head of the facility had been taken to hospital under deep anesthesia by helicopter.

MVM immediately notified the competent authorities and the investigation into the circumstances of the accident began.

On Tuesday morning, György Kóbor, President and CEO of the MVM Group, and Csaba Kiss, Deputy Chief Production Officer, also arrived at the scene to find out about the accident, according to MVM’s statement.



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