The renovation of the cracked asphalt on Rakovszky Street is progressing

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The Debrecen Water Works Zrt. worked with five teams to uncover the fault, but due to the rainy weather, the soil has to be replaced, which results in another delay – the Water Works informed about the asphalt rupture that happened on Rakovszky Dániel Street last week.

“In the past few days, we have been diligently reviewing and improving everything we have access to through the open work pit. This is important because the large-scale road disruption has a considerable weight, which obviously damaged the public utility system elements as well.”

– explained Ferenc Gorján, CEO of Debreceni Vízmű Zrt.

The road should not be repaired by the public road manager, but by the waterworks, in this regard, General Manager Ferenc Gorján said:

“Asphalting is critical, as the asphalt mixing plants will officially open in March, but we are trying to get material first. We are talking about a large amount! In terms of organization, the basic principle is that, in addition to safety, it should be carried out in stages, so that at least part of the traffic can be carried out”

– he said.

They ask for the patience and understanding of the residents and those driving in the area until the road section is restored.

Debrecen Water Works found out what caused the asphalt to break on Rakovszky Street

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