The disaster management has approved the construction of the Chinese battery factory

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On January 13, the disaster management approved the safety report of CATL’s planned battery factory in Debrecen, according to the decision published by the Civil Forum.

According to the document, the construction permit procedure for a plant dealing with hazardous materials can be carried out on the basis of a disaster prevention permit, but the scope of the permit does not extend to the commencement of hazardous activities, which requires a separate permit. There is no further administrative appeal against the decision, but an administrative lawsuit can be initiated within 30 days.

In response to objections raised at last week’s scandalous public hearing, the document specifies the number of employees and the presentation of hazardous waste management.

In relation to Mikepérccs, disaster management is of the opinion that no danger can be established in the area of the settlement. The permit, which is now becoming legally binding, only includes an assessment of the foreseeable risk during the construction stage, new permit procedures are required when new risk factors arise. If the operator fails to do so, they can even close the factory.

On Friday at 10 a.m., there will be another public hearing, this time in relation to the environmental impact study at the Family Support and Child Welfare Center of the DMJV (Debrecen, Thomas Mann u. 2.), where we hope that the authorities will answer the 45 questions formulated by the Debrecen Civil Forum Association.

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