Graffiti artists decorated the building of the Debrecen Emergency Station – photos

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Debrecen Emergency Station celebrated its fiftieth anniversary on Friday. At that time, the wall that was previously offered to street art artists by the head of the Debrecen Emergency Station was handed over. Almost 100 artists applied to paint the wall of the Debrecen garage. Here is the result.

The wall of the Debrecen Ambulance Station was renewed at the handing over on November 25, 2022.

The Debrecen Emergency Station is 50 years old! A profession for life. Among other things, this inscription can be read on the thirty-six-meter surface of the station’s garage. The past and the present can be seen in the “street art” created by Tamás Vékony and his team on the occasion of the anniversary.

The Debrecen example can be followed by many. The leaders of the ambulance service reconsidered the project and began to list the ambulance stations where they can offer additional free wall surfaces to street art artists. You can apply at

The anniversary was also made memorable with a rescue presentation, a “street art” wall presentation, a professional presentation, and the unveiling of a memorial plaque. On the spot, Deputy Mayor István Puskás presented the city’s certificate of recognition to Dávid Ménes, the chief ambulance officer of the Debrecen Emergency Station.

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