A street party is organized in Debrecen

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The street party organized by the county government in Szabó Lőrinc utca in Debrecen is coming with music and dance entertainment programs on September 10.

Bus service from Debrecen will be running on a diversion route due to a street party

The neighborhood street party with a ten-year history (which this year was named Ligetben after Hajdú traditions) starts on Saturday at two in the afternoon and ends at 11 in the evening.

16 cooking teams, numerous children’s programs, good music, concerts, dancers and a community experience await the visitors, reported municipal representative Erzsébet Katona.


2:15 p.m. Kýváncsi Katica’s fairy-tale band

15:15 Pirouette Dance Studio

15:45 stilt walkers

16:20 Hajdúság Folk Music Ensemble (Kanczel Csenge)

16:40 carrier pigeon shooting

17:00 Feeling Dance and Cheer Ensemble

17:30 Tamás Veréb

18:00 Greetings, announcement of cooking competition results

18:20 DJ Dominique

19:20 Hajdú Dance Ensemble

20:00 Gabi Tóth

21:30 Dj



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