Men earned money in jail with an illegally-held cell phone

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In the summer of 2020, the three defendants were sentenced to one year in prison. institute, they were placed in the same cell for a short time in August 2020.

The oldest man owed money to one of his companions, so the three of them agreed to settle the debt by fraud. The youngest man handed his illegally-held cell phone to his eldest companion, while the third defendant, who was waiting to pay the debt, provided the bank account number in his mother’s name. The eldest offender called the victim on a randomly dialed phone number on the morning of August 25, 2020, and pretended to be an employee of a collection agency. The man claimed that the victim was in arrears with a transaction fee in connection with his bank account, which would be enforced by his office, and then informed the victim to which account number he should transfer the arrears.
On August 25, 2020, the mistaken victim transferred more than HUF 86,000 to the specified bank account. However, the money was transferred twice due to the interruption of the internet connection, so more than HUF 170,000 was received in the bank account provided by the accused. The men caused nearly HUF 170,000 in damage to the victim. The amount credited was paid into the account of the mother of the third defendant as payment for the debt of the oldest offender.
The bank account was closed during the investigation carried out by the Hajdúböszörmény Police Station and HUF 25,000 was seized. The victim sought compensation for his damage and filed a civil lawsuit.
The smuggled cell phone was seized during the checks.
The Hajdúböszörmény District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted the Hajdúböszörmény District Court for fraud involving minor recidivism, which was committed by the oldest man as a perpetrator and by two younger auxiliaries.
In his indictment, the district prosecutor’s office ordered the imposition of a prison sentence and an additional sentence for disqualification from public affairs, and that the district court adjudicates on the merits of the civil claim filed by the victim. The indictment of the district prosecutor’s office also contains a moderate motion in the event that the accused confessed to the indictment and waives their right to a trial in accordance with the indictment at the preparatory hearing of the district court.

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