There will be road renovation and plus a bus stop reconstruction on Kishegyesi street

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Not only will the section of the Kishegyesi road between Pósa and Határ út be renovated, but also quadrupled, László Papp, the mayor of Debrecen, announced on Tuesday.

The public procurement procedure for the development of a western part of the city in Debrecen was successfully concluded – László Papp shared.

The aim of the development is to improve the accessibility of the Határ út industrial park, the Nagysándor site and the Fészek residential park. As part of the investment, roads will be renovated and widened, as well as bus stops will be rebuilt and renovated.

The section of Kishegyesi út between Pósa and Határ út will not only be renovated, but also quadrupled, and two traffic light junctions will be built on Kishegyesi út: at the intersection of Kishegyesi út and Pósa utca, and Kishegyesi út and Határ út.

Photo: László Papp

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