The Green City Program in Újkert is Progressing Well

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The Green City (Zöld város) initiative is part of the Új Főnix Program, and it is dealing with the renewal of the green areas of the city.


Although there were large green areas in the city, such as the parks, playgrounds, and outdoor sports fields, these have become quite worn out over many years. Trees and shrubs have become sparse, grassy areas were traversed, and the city’s inhabitants wore out toys and sports equipment.


According to the program, the playgrounds will be put in order first, but the other green areas will also be renewed in time.


One of the latest renewal developments was done in Újkert where the program’s implementation is on an area of about 117,000 square meters across nine locations. Sports fields, stone pavements, tree maintenance, and car parking places will be built in different parts of the district.


In Görgey Street, the assembly of the playground elements is underway. The fence will be completed, and the playground will also be covered in the coming weeks. Spatial planning is also taking place in the vicinity of the Békessy Béla street sports field.


The HUF 872 million investment is planned to be completed by the beginning of next year.


Developments are also underway in the Tócóvölgy, Tócóskert, Petőfi tér and Sóház districts., while some other parts of the city were already renewed, including:


Heart of Debrecen – Downtown: Thousands of flowers and evergreen shrubs were planted, and the lawn area increased. The newly planted trees provide cooling shade even on the hottest of days; in addition, several drinking wells were installed. The playgrounds were renovated, while new play equipment and waste bins were installed. New public security cameras are monitoring security, and the flower market has also been renewed. New bike storage and bike racks have been installed – in addition to the old ones.


Libakert: The sports field has been renovated, and an outdoor gym park was developed. New playground elements have been installed, and some of the old ones have also been renovated. Parking lots have been renovated and expanded, and bicycle racks have also been installed. New cameras take care of public safety, while bins help maintain cleanliness. A renewed public area lighting system provides light at night.


Sestakert: The grass surface is restored, and trees, perennials planted, and shrubs have been or are being planted. A pedestrian ramp provides a seamless walk, while those arriving by bike can use the new bike racks. A security camera monitors bikes. There is also a renovated playground and sports court, as well as an outdoor gym park. Drinking fountains, new lamp posts, and new bins were also installed.


Dobozi kert: The green areas have been enriched with the planting of perennial plants, shrubs, and new trees. The playground and the sports field have been renovated, and an outdoor gym park has also been established. Dog runner was also built for the puppies. Safety is monitored by a surveillance camera, and cleanliness is improved with the provision of new bins.


Vénkert: The sidewalks have been renewed, and the green area has been enriched by planting marrow plants, shrubs, and new trees. The operation of Debrecen’s first urban community garden has been established, where local residents can produce vegetables or fruit on their plots. A traffic park has been created where children can learn the basics of traffic. New bike storage has been installed and 3 new drinking wells have been built. The sports field has also been renovated and an outdoor gym park has been built. Security is ensured by surveillance cameras, and new bins have also been set up.


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