Happened yesterday in Hajdú-Bihar County

Local News

At dawn, the weed burned on five hundred square meters in Sport Street in Nyíracsád. When the professional firefighters of Nyíradony arrived to the scene carried out the finishing work with a jet of water.

Two cars collided near Püspökladány on the main road No. 4. The professional firefighters in Püspökladány inspected the vehicles and disconnected them from the power supply. The ambulance service transported a man to the hospital from the scene.

Municipal firefighters in Létavértes were alerted to an open fire in Létavértes, Baross Street. The unit intervened with a jet of water.

Yesterday afternoon, on the outskirts of Nagyhegyes, a dry avar and weed burned on an area of fifteen hectares. The professional firefighters of Püspökladány and Hajdúszoboszló quenched the fire with two jets of water.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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