Yet another Mottled Arrival in the Zoo’s Lama Group

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Lamas seem to have a great time here, judging from the fact that, following last year’s four births, there is now yet another new arrival in the group. Born on July 1 and sure to stay by her caring mother’s side for a good while, the little female has an excellent appetite and gets stronger day by day, spending more and more time playing and running around the enclosure. Just like her brothers and sisters born in the past couple years, she is brown-and-white, which is sort of a tradition at our zoo ever since our white females welcomed Negro, a black male, in 2016.

As lamas live in groups consisting of a male and his females, the five-day-old baby will have to leave once she reaches maturity, but you will definitely get to meet her up close till the end of summer in our South America Section.
The largest of New World camelids, lamas have been bred from wild guanacos and are now a highly popular domestic species all around the world. Given an appropriate environment for growing up, they are friendly and curious animals and, contrary to popular belief, they only spit on conspecifics, mostly during dominance fights – so you are completely safe to approach our peaceful group with new arrivals every year.
Like a number of other residents, the youngest member of our lama group is yet to be adopted. If you want to make her really happy while also offering us tremendous help, please consider becoming a zoo foster parent. Further info at:
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