Mosquito reduction in Debrecen: the population can also help

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In 2021, the Local Government of the City of Debrecen will order mosquito reduction works even if the test results justify it. The local government keeps in mind the reduction of the environmental load and the protection of ecologically important species, taking into account the choice of the time and method of protection.

Due to the unusual, permanently cool weather, based on previous surveys, fewer mosquito larvae can be observed in permanent and intermittent water bodies compared to previous years. In order to ensure effective protection, a specialist commissioned by the Municipality of the City of Debrecen has the right to constantly monitor the development of the mosquito population. Insect traps placed in different parts of the city will be investigated, human trapping will be used, and the reduction will take place taking into account the comments of the population.

The city also plans to use biological and chemical mosquito larval reduction in 2021. Terrestrial biological and aerial biological depletion is typically expected in the vicinity of smaller water bodies and stagnant waters. Chemical mosquito control will take place in the entire administrative area of ​​Debrecen, in the evening at sunset, using air, ground and cold fog training methods.

In the effective defense, the local government also counts on the cooperation of the citizens, because the number of breeding places in the gardens can be reduced. The most effective means of insect control is to cover rainwater collection barrels and garden pools, as well as garden maintenance, regular mowing and mowing.

In addition, as in the previous year, the municipality will provide mosquito larvae control products to the population this year as well. The tablets can be ordered free of charge from 9 June 2021 at the reception time in the customer reception area on the ground floor of the New Town Hall (Kálvin tér 11.).

An ID card and address card are required to receive the product. The Customer Reception Order of the Debrecen Mayor’s Office can be found on the city’s website,


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