An open-air photo exhibition opened in downtown Debrecen


Those interested can view 130 of the works submitted to the Hungary 365 photo contest on the main street of Debrecen until January 6 – it was announced at the opening of the exhibition.

Csaba Dömötör, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, reminded us that the contest that started four years ago has now grown into the country’s largest photo contest.

In four years, the applicants submitted almost 120,000 works, of which only 38,000 pictures were received this year, he added, noting that after last year’s exhibition in the capital, Debrecen will host the exhibition for the first time among the rural cities.

Csaba Dömötör said that this is not a coincidence, because Debrecen is one of the strongholds of Hungarian culture, which is reason enough for “Hungarian photography to march” in the city.

According to the state secretary, the exhibited photos also prove that “Hungary is full of fascinating and haunting places, period buildings and pulsating communities”. He was pleased to confirm that among the exhibited images are also the works of photographers from Debrecen.

Csaba Dömötör indicated that those interested can view the pictures illuminated in the evening, but only until 10 o’clock because they have been adapted to local conservation measures due to the energy crisis.

Finally, the Secretary of State spoke about how the exhibited photos present Hungary from many perspectives and shades, but they have one thing in common: “they are not about perfection, but about a place to which we are stubbornly attached despite all our daily difficulties, and which we love”.

Photographer Ottó Kaiser, president of the jury of the Hungary 365 photo contest, said, “this Christmas, Hungary’s photo album can be browsed while walking down the main street of Debrecen.”



Photo: An open-air exhibition compiled from the best images of the Hungary 365 photo contest in Debrecen on the opening day, November 24, 2022. MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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