The St. Ladislaus Days in Oradea with the participation of Debrecen were opened


The cultural festival of St. Ladislaus Days, which lasts until the end of the week and is organized for the tenth time by the local St. Ladislaus Association together with its partners, was officially opened in Oradea on Monday evening.

In his greeting before the opening gala at the Szigliget Theater, Péter Szilágyi, Deputy Secretary of State for National Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office, believed that the figure and character of Saint László permeated the past and present of the Hungarians.

The knight king who appears in legends, he believes, embodies Christian values and national interest. Quoting the Prime Minister, he stated that the representation of the national interest is still one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success. He called it one of the most important national interests to help him stay in his homeland.

In his speech, László Tőkés, President of the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania (EMNT), warned that while Saint László was fighting the Cumans, the protection of the patron saint and patron of Transylvania is needed today against other external and internal enemies.

“We Hungarians today are fighting an unequal struggle against forces as large as possible. If I were a Catholic, I would ask for the help of our holy king to fight for us, but in any case, with His faithful faith, I ask God to keep and lift us up, bless and make Oradea happy ”

– said the former Reformed bishop.

Florin Birta, the national liberal mayor of Oradea, expressed her pride in being the partner of the city in organizing a festival that would enhance the city’s reputation. He stated that Oradea is a multi-ethnic, multilingual city, so events should be organized here that make the citizens of the city feel at home. He considered the St. Ladislaus Days to be such.

Chief organizer Gyula Zatykó encouraged the audience to try to disconnect the worries and difficulties arising from the crises of the world for a week, and to see the good, and the pleasant that the festival offers. He believed that the 10th St. Ladislaus Days could be an oasis with its high-quality and varied programs.
He mentioned that the opening gala of the program series was offered by the city of Debrecen, and the closing concert was offered by the municipality of Oradea.

At the opening gala, the Debrecen Folk Ensemble will present the audience with a performance entitled Fire Lily, which is the dance stage performance of Wass Albert’s novel The Witch of Funtinel, and Ákos will give a concert on the main square of Oradea before the closing of the festival on Sunday.

The program of the tenth St. Ladislaus Days can be browsed on the website

Photo: St. Ladislaus Days

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