The New Visegrad Photography traveling exhibition arrived in Debrecen


For one year, from July 2021, Hungary will hold the rotating presidency of the Visegrad Cooperation. Speaking of which, the New Visegrad Photography exhibition will present the work of recent graduate photographers from higher education institutions in the Visegrad region between 22 July and 22 August.

In addition to the countries of the Visegrad Group – the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia – Serbia has also been invited to the program by expanding cultural cooperation in Central Europe.

“Due to its historical roots, Debrecen has been oriented towards Partium, Transylvania and German culture for centuries, but the growing regional role of our city also forces us to expand these horizons and intensify our cooperation with the Visegrad countries.” – said István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen.

The exhibition of 46 photographs is the diploma work of 24 artists, including 10 Hungarians.

“With the exhibition, we try to highlight that in addition to national and artistic peculiarities, there is something in common in this region that evaluates global trends in a specific way, which we, as Eastern Europeans, especially appreciate,” said Krisztina Löbl, professional leader.

The photography program, set up in September 2020, will be presented in the form of a traveling exhibition in the countries concerned and in a number of other major European cities.

The entire material of the New Visegrad Photography exhibition can also be viewed with QR codes placed on the shop windows on Piac Street, so you can take it home and enjoy it at home.


Debrecen City Hall Press

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